Coming Soon! – Caregiver Pictures

eRSP is excited to announce the upcoming release of our new Caregiver Pictures feature in the eRSP Mobile Connect App! Caregivers will be able to attach up to three images when adding a Note on a visit. Administrators will be able to see these images when viewing the Notes submitted by caregivers in the Note & Task History on the Customer’s profile.

Additionally. when adding a new Note, Caregivers will have the option to select if a Note will go to the customer’s loved ones as well. If this option is toggled when adding a new Note, these pictures can also be seen and accessed by customer families via the eRSP Family Connect site!

Caregivers using our eRSP Mobile Connect App will also notice that Visit Comments will no longer be under the Notes modal. Instead, we will be moving the Visit Comments to its own modal on the Assignment page! These Visit comments can be accessed on caregiver Timesheets.

Be looking for this new feature release later this month!