What is a CRM and What Can eRSP’s CRM System Do for Your Homecare Agency

Trying to keep your business organized and running smoothly? Then it’s time to move your client list out of Excel and into our CRM system. A CRM is simply a Customer Relationship Management tool. Utilizing a CRM can help you keep track and organize client and prospect information and communication in one central place. A CRM also helps your business run even more effectively and efficiently as it grows. Did you know eRSP provides a CRM tool built right into our system to easily keep all of your records in one place? Keep reading to find out more about eRSP’s Contact Management features!

There is a myth perpetrated that CRM tools are only useful to larger businesses. Even small businesses can utilize a CRM tool as well; especially as the business or agency grows. In 1984, relationships with a business averaged a little over seven years. Now they average less than three. Using a CRM can help track a referral source throughout the process of their referrals becoming clients and then follow up throughout your relationship with them. This will help you develop your agencies relationship with your referral sources. While similar to tracking visits and scheduling, CRMs are used to track sales and marketing instead.

If you can, stop using Excel. You will outgrow it eventually. You may need more storage for your mailing list or need to access customer data in a timely manner. CRMs offer the added bonus of tracking and reporting on your sales progress, so that you can take this data and improve the process.

A CRM tool can benefit your business in many ways:

  • You can organize all your prospects and clients in one place. This allows you to manage customers and prioritize prospects. This allows you to focus on prospective clients that are more likely to be converted to clients.
  • Use a CRM to keep track of referrals. You can log where a referral is coming from and track the source. Also, tracking communications from a referral through the process of becoming a client is easier with a CRM. You can also record how many referrals you are receiving from a referral source easily.
  • You can use the data you collect from your CRM tool to improve upon your current sales process.
  • After a prospect becomes a client, a CRM tool keeps all the data you’ve collected from them and any communication you’ve had with them. Now as a client, you can better understand your clients and improve how you interact with them.
  • CRMs are useful for boosting the number of clients. Using a CRM tool could help you increase your clients by 41 percent.

eRSP has several Contact Management features that can help your business seamlessly track your sales process. The eRSP Referral Management feature provides several tools to identify source contacts and track your interaction with each referrer. Within eRSP, you can maintain a detailed profile for each referral source, categorize referral sources for easy reporting, associate prospects and clients with referral sources for reporting purposes, log communication history with a referral source, and save attachments to a referral source profile.

eRSP also includes a Prospect Management feature. This feature allows you to easily capture new contacts and their information. From here you can maintain a detailed profile, create assessments, categorize, and assign a sales representative for a prospect. eRSP’s Prospect Management feature will also seamlessly convert a prospect to a client. There are also several metrics reports available to help you set goals and track performance.

Want more information on other eRSP features that your homecare agency can use? Reach out to our support and training teams to learn how you can fully utilize our CRM system.

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