Updates to Global Financials

In our continued development of eRSP Accounting features, we have made some updates to eRSP’s Global Financials.

New Financial Center
In Global Access, you will notice a big change in the Accounts Receivable dashboard. eRSP’s Account Balance dashboard has been replaced with the new eRSP Financial Center; where you can view all accounts being managed in eRSP with quick access to all transactions processed against an individual account.

Pricing Defaults
If you have Global Access turned on, Pricing Defaults has been moved to Global Access. It can now be found by navigating to Setup > Pricing > Defaults.

Payroll Options
Payroll Options now includes settings that were previously in Pricing Defaults for convenience now that Pricing Defaults has moved.

Account Period Close
You are now able to change the frequency in which the period can be closed for billing based on your billing cycle.

For more information on these updates to eRSP, visit our Help Center or give us a call at 888-262-4166.