4 Strategies to Reduce Caregiver Turnover

By 2030, it is predicted that the U.S. population of people aged over 65 will outnumber all other age-demographics. With the rising number of the elderly population, the need for home care of these seniors is also growing. Home care agencies are now faced with more demand for their services than ever. A demand that many agencies are struggling to meet. And while the need for home care and caregiving is growing, in recent years the number of caregivers has not increased as steadily. As of 2017, Caregiver turnover rates are as high as 66%. So, what can you do to retain caregivers for your agency? We’ve compiled these four strategies to reduce employee turnover:

Hire with a Strategy

Caregiving is a difficult job and takes a dedicated type of person. When hiring new caregivers, keep this in mind. Don’t hire just because you need the hands. When interviewing a new potential caregiver, consider how they will fit into your agency. Some of the best traits a caregiver can have are compassion, patience, attentiveness, dependability, and trustworthiness.

When interviewing someone, you can’t predict what kind of caregiver a person will be. Caregivers are responsible for the well being of your clients and hiring trustworthy caregivers is no small feat. Determine what kind of caregiver your agency needs and hire with that in mind. To help with this, eRSP can be set up to provide detailed background checks that are integrated and tracked right in the applicant’s account.

Work with your Caregivers

Your reputation as an agency is what will either attract or dissuade new caregivers from staying with you. Build a relationship with your caregivers by listening to them and their concerns. What can you as their employer do better? Not every demand can be met, but having an open line of communication between you and your caregivers will boost your reputation as an agency and encourage employees to remain with you.

Caregivers often aren’t recognized for the difficult job they do. This can make it hard to motivate caregivers to stay with your agency. Make sure your employees know you value them and their work.

Caregiver Training

Another way to reduce caregiver turnover is to ensure that your caregivers receive the training they need. Without the proper training, Caregivers will feel unprepared to do their job. Caregivers prefer hands-on training, which actually shows them what to expect on the job.

Providing training proves to caregivers that you are willing to invest in their careers; therefore, attracting more caregivers who will want to stay on long-term.

Caregiver Mentoring

Initiating a Caregiver mentor program reduces caregiver turnover and increases caregiver retention. Not only does mentoring create a sense of community within your team of caregivers, but it also provides a growth opportunity for your caregivers. By mentoring newer employees, caregivers can refresh themselves on training while training new caregivers. This boosts caregiver’s confidence and will encourage them to remain with your agency long-term.

Retaining caregivers is something home care agencies have struggled greatly in recent years. Due to the growing number of the population that is over 65, the demand for home care hasn’t been able to provide the caregivers needed. These four strategies can help you reduce your caregiver turnover and build a relationship with your employees.

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