Happy Holidays from eRSP!

Happy Holidays from eRSP!

Happy Holidays! As 2018 comes to a close, we at eRSP and Kaleida Systems want to thank you for an amazing year with us. We are dedicated to providing you with the best possible product and exceptional support; and will continue to do so in the coming years. 2018 has brought a lot of new things to eRSP and there are even more exciting changes on the horizon. Check out what features are coming soon and what you might have missed this past year.

eRSP Ledger

Coming soon to eRSP: eRSP Ledger! We are excited about introducing these new accounting features that will make it easier for agencies to sync billing information with third-party accounting systems, like QuickBooks. eRSP Ledger is a feature that will allow you to manage your chart of accounts, manage and track sales tax inside eRSP, and make reports available for updates to third-party accounting systems. These eRSP Ledger features are not available just yet but if you are currently signed up for eRSP Online Payments and are interested in participating in a Beta Testing group, you can let us know here.

Plans for Mobile

eRSP has some new updates for the eRSP Mobile Connect app in the works. Currently, the Mobile Connect app houses all communications between administrators and caregivers. Here is where you can find the Message Center and broadcast visits. The Mobile Connect app can also take you to the eRSP mobile site where you can access and interact with shift information. The eRSP Caregiver’s mobile website is where caregivers can see the calendar and access mobile clock-in. Our goal is to take all the features caregivers love about the mobile website and bring them into the Mobile Connect app. In addition to bringing these features to the app, we are planning to give it a new look to increase the ease of navigating the app. Nothing will change, except caregivers will now be able to easily find everything they need, all within the app.

Product Milestones

eRSP has achieved a lot this year. Let’s take a look at some features we introduced this year.

  • Customer and Employee Forms

The ‘Form Builder’ feature allows you to build and customize your own forms. There are 2 types of forms: Customer forms and Employee forms. For customers, you can create assessment forms, general forms, and Nurse Notes. Nurse Notes was designed with agencies that provide skilled nursing in mind. eRSP allows you to create employee forms such as office-only HR forms, employee only forms, and shared HR forms. This form builder feature is customizable so you can easily create any forms you need.

  • Online Payments

Another feature introduced to eRSP this year is eRSP Online Payments, which can be found in ‘Global Access’. Online Payments was introduced to make processing payments on invoices available in eRSP. This feature allows you to alert clients of their new bill via email, process AutoPay payments or allows clients to log in via Family Connect and make payments. Payments are automatically matched with your invoices and everything will be synced to QuickBooks. eRSP Online Payments was recently updated with new colors on the dashboard and easy to follow links. Check out the new look!

  • Credit Balance Resolution

eRSP allows you to manage and track credits across your clients by using our Credit Balance Resolution features. Here you can issue a credit, disperse credits to clients on invoices, and resolve them whenever you choose. These features are a part of eRSP Credit Management features which can be accessed if you are signed-up with eRSP Online Payments.

  • Security Deposits

With security deposits, agencies can track, manage, and disperse security deposits to ensure that services will be covered. eRSP will allow you to process, disburse, and track security deposits. Like several of the other features mentioned in this blog, Security Deposits can be accessed by using eRSP Online Payments and can be found within Global Access. With eRSP Online Payments, you can house security deposits and disperse them from one place and sync them to QuickBooks easily.

  • Activities by Visit

Activities by Visit is an eRSP feature that allows you to design the Plan with specific activities by visit to ensure compliance. By activating this feature, you can choose which activities will be required for a visit. Caregivers will only be prompted for activities that are required for that visit. This way caregivers will only be held accountable for these specific activities and will be in compliance with the plan of care.


For more information on any of these features, click here to request your FREE demo of eRSP Online Payments!