eRSP has new features!

New Report
Check out our Care Notes Trending report under Reports > Customers. This report features our new option so you can save your selections for next time and track trends in the future.

Caregiver Portal 
You can now turn on the 10 most recent shifts’ care notes, activities, and claim comments for all caregivers to see when they login! Find these options under Setup > System Defaults > Caregivers. Caregivers can now view shift information from others working with the same client.

New Help Center
We’ve redesigned our support center to make it easier to get the help you need! You might notice a Support link at the bottom right of any eRSP page – this allows you to search our help articles, videos, and webinars, right from the page you’re on. You can also quickly send a message to our Help Desk.

There’s now even more resources at your disposal for using eRSP. We have added a new section called Getting Started. Recorded training on every topic from start to finish, plus training designed for specific job titles is available. Get up and running in eRSP at your leisure.

Every new update and bug fix in your site is also now front and center, in chronological order. Any newly added or updated articles are available from the front page. All this and more, found via the question mark icon on your menu bar or My eRSP > Need Support. Login to your site to check out our overview video!