eRSP™ Updates August 2015: Calendar PLUS and Family Connect!

Kaleida Systems is proud to announce new features coming August 2015, including Calendar PLUS, as well as a completely redesigned customer portal (intended for home care and consumer clients only). These features will be applied to your site in the coming weeks.

Calendar PLUS

Introducing Calendar PLUS – a comprehensive suite of features that makes the eRSP™ Calendar more intuitive than ever.

The new Auto Calendar Build feature will allow you to set your eRSP™ Calendar to automatically build a specified number of weeks’ schedules in advance. To give you maximum visibility to future calendar weeks, you will also have the ability to view client plans and Activate Schedules within the calendar. This feature will make creating your schedule quicker and more convenient than it’s ever been before. 

An additional feature of Calendar PLUS is already available for your convenience. Mass Maintenance currently offers you the ability to apply plan or calendar schedule changes to multiple weeks in a single step.

Family Connect

This August we unveil eRSP™ Family Connect! Your customer login portal has been redesigned from the ground up. Clients and their families will now be able to view scheduled service details, care provider information, imported documents, progress notes from care providers, and more, all from a user-friendly dashboard.

We are here and ready to assist

As always, you can contact the eRSP™ Support Line and we are happy to help answer any questions you may have. Keep an eye on your Notifications area to stay up to date with eRSP™! We will notify you there once the changes have been applied to your site.