eRSP™ May 2015 Update Notification

Kaleida Systems is very pleased to announce several shortcuts to reduce navigation steps and to improve efficiency in maintaining notes. The new note features will make it easy to be sure notes and messages are copied and stored in the client or employee note logs for historical purposes without extra steps. The Shortcut features on the eRSP Blue Menu bar and on the calendar will provide you quick access to critical functions.

Copy Message to Notes

An option to copy a message to multiple employee accounts will be added. A handy check box and drop-down menu will help keep all records together in one place. Along with this improvement, when entering notes for a customer account, it will be possible to select multiple employees to copy this note to.

Copy Notes to Multiple Accounts

When adding a note, you will now be able to copy the same note to multiple employee accounts in a single step.


Visit Notes allow you to provide your employees with specific visit instructions. Visit Notes can be entered on the calendar, either through the Maintain Visit pop-up, or Maintain Visit(s) sub-tab under Click to Maintain. Your employees will see the notes on their eRSP Employee Web Access site and the eRSP Point of Service Mobile site.

To eliminate confusion, Visit Note will be re-labeled Visit Instructions.

In addition to this label change, Order Information will now appear as Service Information, and Order Notes will become Calendar Notes.

New Shortcuts on Menu Bar

A new Shortcuts option is being added to the eRSP Blue Menu bar to provide you easy access to often used features with a single click. Each option will open a pop-up window for quick entry so you do not have to leave the page you are on to perform the desired action.

New Calendar Menu

On the weekly calendar we are replacing the three blue buttons on the left side of an order with a single icon. The new icon, upon hover, will open a new calendar shortcut menu. The menu will allow for quick access to tabs in the Click to Maintain tab.

Add Reminders and Add Task

On the Reminder and Task tabs in the calendar, you will now have the ability to add a Reminder or Task about the client without leaving the weekly schedule. These tabs will still continue to display Tasks and Reminders for the current week.

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