eRSP April Update Notification – Attachment Sharing

Kaleida Systems is pleased to announce a new Attachment Sharing feature. With this feature, office administrators can selectively mark Employee and Customer attachments as visible on the Employee log in and Mobile sites.

This new feature will be made available on your eRSP site between April 8th and April 10th.

Administrator Log In

Administrators will be able to mark an attachment as visible with a quick checkbox while adding attachments. Attachments can easily be made visible or non-visible by using the edit wrench on the attachments list.

Employee Log In

When an employee logs in to view their assignment, they will be able to download the designated files to their computer or mobile device. Their assignment page will list the shared attachments for both themselves and the client.

Other Notes

This update will also include minor bug fixes reported to the eRSP Support Team.