eRSP December 2014 Update Notification

Kaleida Systems is pleased to announce the following new features to be added in the December 2014 eRSP update:

  • Nurse Notes for Mobile
  • Administrator Alert Options
  • Social Security Number (SSN)

We plan to update sites starting December 10th through December 12th. Please refer to the update notification on your eRSP home page to know when your site has been updated.

Nurse Notes for Mobile

The eRSP™ Care Provider Access and Mobile Sites now support entering Nurse Notes in realtime while on-site. No need for chasing paper processes. The new eRSP Nurse Notes feature includes the following forms:

  • Initial Patient Assessment (fully customizable)
  • Periodic Vitals
  • Intake and Output Log
  • Periodic Free Form Text
  • Medication Administration Record (or MAR)
  • Treatment Authorization Request Form (or TAR)
  • Ventilator Log
  • Seizure Event Log

The new eRSP Nurse Notes feature is fully integrated with the eRSP Mobile site which also enables the nurse to clock in and out of the visit and capture client and care provider signatures. Posted nurse notes are immediately available for review and approval or rejection by the back office and rejected notes are automatically pushed back to the nurse for more input. For more information on how this works, Watch the Overview Video Now!


Administrator Alert Options

For sites using eRSP Telephony, we are re-organizing how alert options are setup. After the update, check boxes will become available for enabling which types of alerts you would like to receive. Previously alerts were determined by mobile and email fields being filled out.

Alert settings will remain the same based on their present setup.

Social Security Number (SSN)

An option for social security number on the online application is being added. On the communications tab in System Defaults, sites can activate and even require the collection of Social Security numbers.

The SSN field was originally added to the caregiver accounts, but will soon be added to the following account types:

  • Prospects
  • Applicants
  • Customers
Note: SSN fields are encrypted in eRSP