eRSP October 2014 Update Notification

eRSP October 2014 Update Notification

Kaleida Systems is pleased to announce the following new features to be added in October 2014 eRSP update.

  • Travel Time Payroll Feature
  • Assignment Recommendation for Broadcast

We plan to be updating sites on the October 22 thru October 24. Please refer to the update notification on your eRSP home page to know when your site has been updated.

Travel Time

To comply with the changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) going into effect on January 1st, 2015, agencies will be required to pay their employees for travel time between client visits. Unlike mileage, Travel Time is labor compensation and is eligible for income taxes. It is also to be included in all payroll overtime and/or holiday pay calculations.

In support of this new requirement, Kaleida Systems is happy to announce the addition of a new eRSP time sheet posting Claim Feature that will automatically calculate and include travel time hours on the shift. The Travel Time calculation is based on the actual travel time map route between client address locations and is visible on the eRSP Claim displays. This information is automatically included in the eRSP Payroll module for the employee compensation.

For more information on all of the eRSP features and support for the upcoming changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act, simply use the keyword ‘FLSA’ in the Search Help box at the top of any eRSP page to access all of our help articles and videos on how we can help you.

How It Works

Based on the geo-coded locations, eRSP will calculate the drive time between each shift for the day automatically. A map link will be provided on the travel time window showing the determined route. Highlighted in the green box below.

When reviewing claims, eRSP will auto-calculate time based on distance. These times are easily editable and allow for adjustments if necessary.

After orders are extracted, travel time will be included on each employee’s paycheck.

Assignment Recommendation for Broadcast

We have had a lot of requests for recommendation to apply to broadcast in the suggestion box. With this update, assignment broadcast will be enhanced to use Assignment Recommendation.

When viewing your list of employees to broadcast to, conflicts will be displayed in red. Conflicts will be clearly visible, allowing you to make the best and easiest selection when broadcasting.