eRSP August 2014 Update Announcement

Kaleida Systems is very pleased to announce new updates will be added to eRSP that will improve the financial report numbers, as well as GPS accuracy

eRSP Web Sites will be updated with the new features starting August 28th through September 1st.

GPS Accuracy

For Premium users, we are adding an accuracy reading to the mobile clock page for employees. This reading will let the employees, as well as administrators, know how precise the smartphone’s GPS reading is at the time of clocking.

The distance will continue to show how far the employee is clocking from the GPS location of the client’s home. Accuracy will measure how reliable the GPS readings are. Accuracy breakdowns are as follows:

Excellent = within 50 feet
Good = within 100 feet
Poor = within 300 feet
Bad = greater than 300 feet

The better the accuracy, the more reliable the distance is.

Clock Log Updates

Along with the GPS improvements outlined above, the Clock Accuracy and Map columns will be added to the Clock Report. In an effort to provide the office administrators with as much information about the clocks as possible, they will now be able to see the accuracy rating at the time of the clock. Hovering over the accuracy reading will show the exact accuracy the employee’s phone was using.

The Map column will contain a link that will display the physical clock in location of the employee (point B) as compared with the client’s address (point A).

Margins, Labor Cost, and Metrics Reports

The eRSP Margins, Labor Cost and Metrics reports currently reflect an estimated cost. These reports are being updated to reflect actual payroll results.

The Margins report will also provide a summary and by assignment view options.