eRSP June 2014 Update Announcement

Kaleida Systems is very pleased to announce that the new Standard and Premium Point of Service Features will now be available on your smart phone and tablet devices. Along with the new mobile features, eRSP will be making a number of small feature updates as highlighted in the document sections below.

eRSP websites will be updated with the new mobile features starting June 25th through June 27th.

eRSP Mobile for Employees

We have added a mobile version of the Employee Point of Service features. With the new Mobile Point of Service feature, employees will now be able to clock in and out, post notes, claim activities worked, perform care note surveys and get client signatures using smart phones and tablets. Employees will also have easy access to broadcast assignment messages, voice and text messages from the office and a current list of assignments both daily and weekly. The mobile site is fully integrated with eRSP and the eRSP Telephony features.

These new features will increase communication, provide increase flexibility and efficiency and enable your business to take a big step towards reducing the physical paper trail.

Initial Mobile Login

If logging in to eRSP via a mobile phone or tablet, eRSP will automatically direct the user to the new mobile site and display a home page to allow employees to easily check schedules and assignment information. In addition, employees can send new or response messages to the office and respond to assignment broadcasts.


Mobile Clock In and Out

For premium users, employees can clock in and out right on their phone. GPS will be used to verify if an employee is onsite (see below). All visit information can be collected and entered while the employee is clocking out.



When employees clock in or out using a mobile device, eRSP will compare GPS clock location with the service address GPS location. This information will be used to determine if an employee is onsite. The eRSP visit popup and call log report will also display this information as it does with telephony call information. Offices will be able to customize the maximum distance from the client’s location that a mobile clock in can occur. This will function similarly to telephony call tolerance.

On-Site Visit Information and Notes

In addition to clocking capabilities, the employee will have access to the visit information details and can enter visit comments, record activities worked, perform care note surveys and have the client sign off on the services provided. This is all easily accessed via the Info and Notes menu options.

Administrator Mobile Site Updates

In addition to the employee mobile site, we have updated the administrator mobile site as well. The main menu will now include the same alerts from your normal home screen in eRSP:

  • Late Assignment Alerts
  • Tasks
  • Alert Settings

Caregiver Late Alerts

eRSP will also now enable offices to send automatic employee clock in reminders. This feature is configurable at the site level and can be turned on or off individually on the employees profile.


To activate this feature the master setting will need to be activated in Setup > System Defaults on the Telephony tab.

Custom Visit Details Options for Employee Log In

Offices will now have the ability to customize the information you wish your employees to view when reviewing their assignments in eRSP and on the new mobile site. The customization options are found under Setup > System Defaults > Employees tab.

Multi-select on Schedules Report

The schedules report will now have a multi-selection option for customers and employees.

Completed Visit Report (PDF)

In support of LTC Compliance and Audit reviews, the new Completed Visit report is designed to summarize what occurred in detail with each visit for a client. Depending on selections made to the report, eRSP will adjust who appears in the PDF using the critera below.

The report will include the following items:

  • Care Provider Name > Service code, date, time, and total hours
  • Client Signature
  • Activities Worked
  • Visit Comments
  • Care Notes