eRSP Update 5-07-2014

Kaleida Systems is pleased to announce the following new features to be added in May 2014.

  • A new Premium Point of Service Package
  • Reorganized existing employee access web site, Time Posting display
  • Several updates for Activities Worked Compliance
  • Daily Max Hours warning feature
  • Ability to delete Prospects and Applicants
  • Additional minor adjustments to the new availability calendar display

We plan to  update sites starting May 7 through May 9.  Please refer to the update notification on your eRSP home page to find out when your site has been updated.

Premium Point of Service

Kaleida Systems is very pleased to announce a new set of Premium Point of Service features to further enhance your ability to collect very detailed information on the events that happen during a client service visit.  These features will allow you to have more visibility to the ongoing care and well-being of your clients and provide the tools to enable faster response to immediate needs.
The following is a list of the new features included in the Premium Point of Service upgrade package.

  • Telephony: Activity Voice Prompts
  • Telephony: Employee Visit Comment Voice Message to the back office
  • Option to Clock In/Out on the eRSP Employee Access Web Site
  • Care Notes: This is a new eRSP feature that allows you to create a series of condition or client-specific questions to be answered by your employees to collect more detailed information about the visit while on-site.  These questions can be answered via Telephony or on the eRSP Employee Access Web Site.
  • Nurse Notes: For clinical services provided, the eRSP Employee Access Site now supports a custom medical on-site notes questionnaire.
  • Client Signature:  The eRSP Employee Access Web Site Time posting tab will include a client signature per visit.

We will be publishing more information on the above features as we get closer to the May update.

There will be a link to the Premium Package Pricing sheet and sign up form at the top of your eRSP Web Site.


Employee Point of Service Claiming tabs

For companies who allow their employees to enter time sheet information via the eRSP employee access web site, we are reorganizing the time sheet submission page into separate tabs for each component: Activities, Comments and Time Worked.   By creating separate tabs, we are able to improve the entry features for each component and pave the way to take further advantage of mobile devices.

Activity Compliance

We are improving the activities worked entry processes and reports to make it easier to track required activities performed. On both the back office and employee access claim displays, the activities drop-down selection box has been replaced with a full display list of required and non-required activities per client set up. The user will have a simple check box option to mark activities that were performed and a new Notes box to provide an explanation for activities not worked.


The Activities Worked Report will also include new report types and enhancements to better track activity compliance.  This includes a new per shift report that enables you select a report by client for a specified date window.

Daily Max hours

A new Daily Max Hours conflict will be available for employees. This option allows you to set the maximum number of hours an employee can be scheduled in one day.  This feature can be activated from the system defaults page (Setup > System Defaults, requires ADMINX login).

Once activated, you will have the ability to set the max hours per day per employee on the employee profile tab.

You will also see max hours warnings in the below features in eRSP:

  • Assignment Recommendation
  • Calendars
  • Plans

The Max Hours Report has been upgraded to include filters for daily max hours

Applicant and Prospect Account Delete

Applicant and Prospect accounts will now include a delete option. This option will be beneficial for accounts that were created by mistake or simply should not be in your system. Deleted accounts will not be included for statistics in the prospect and applicant metrics reports. Completed tasks, and transaction log entries will remain for tracking purposes.

Deleted accounts CANNOT be recovered. Only Management-level employees will have access to this tab as a precaution.

Updates to Availability

Based on feedback we have received about the new availability tab, we have altered blocks slightly in an effort to improve your experience. Blocks will now show in grey on the availability calendar. This should remedy confusion with unconfirmed visits, which will remain in red to match the calendar.

We are also reorganizing the start and end times when adding or updating a block. Below is a sample of what the new layout will look like with all options showing.

New Features now in the Development

The next releases coming in 2014 will focus on the following new features and enhancements.

Mobile Web for Point of Service
  • Deploy a Mobile Web version of the eRSP Point of Service features for clocking and notes.
  • Add GPS location validation to the Employee Access Web Site Clocking feature.
  • Integrate the Employee Access Web Site Time Clocking with the Calendar and Alert engine.
  • Care Notes will support text question responses for the Employee Access Web Site only.
Customizable Assessments and Mobile Web Solution
  • Developing a customizable assessment form utility similar to the Application utility.
  • Develop a Mobile Web solution for assessments.
  • Adding new initial assessment form options.
  • Developing a Medicaid Remittance/Payments Feature
  • Private Pay Split Billing