eRSP Update 2-12-2014

Kaleida Systems is pleased to announce the following new features to be added in February 2014 eRSP update. In this update we are making changes to simplify employee availability, enhance point-to-point distance calculations for mileage, and making changes to the calendar selection as we move towards Calendar 3.0. Read on to learn about these new features and more.

Employee Availability

This upgrade is a complete redesign of the Employee Availability and Block user interface and features. The new simplified approach assumes that the caregiver is ‘always available’ except during ‘blocked’ out times. The Block Features have been enriched with the ability to set up multiple blocks per day and bi-weekly or monthly reoccurring blocks. This approach simplifies the user set up for administrators and employees as well as provides the ability to submit availability for specific weeks in advance.

The employee and calendar tabs have been upgraded to the employee’s availability in a calendar format. The new calendar view will also include their scheduled appointments (green) as well as blocks (red), which will give you a complete picture of the employee’s availability.

Note: The current blocks and schedules setup on your site will automatically be converted. Any unavailable times on the Schedules tab will be added as a Block on the new Availability tab.

Point to Point – Release 1.0

eRSP will be upgraded to provide accurate calculation of mileage and provide actual directions. The first release will include the following features:

  • Dynamic identification of the originating address. Based on system configuration options, eRSP will determine whether to use the caregiver’s home address or the address of a previous visit.
  • Assignment recommendation will display the accurate mileage calculation.

Future releases will include daily routing reports, automatic mileage calculation in the time sheet processes, and cell phone claim.

Calendar Multi Select

The eRSP Calendar Select page has been enhanced with the ability to filter the calendar display by more than one selected client at a time as well as additional filters by Caregiver and Class. The Show all button has been integrated into the new “View Calendar(s)” button found atop the list of clients.

Patient Eligibility

For Medicaid and Insurance based authorization services, eRSP now provides a fully integrated patient eligibility feature. Based on customizable options for frequency, eRSP will send an electronic request for the patient eligibility status and post visibility to the status results under the customer account and in reports. Please contact the eRSP Support Team for more information on how to activate this feature.

Additional changes being made

Help Videos

We are changing video hosting service to resolve the loading issue some individuals were experiencing. The videos should now be viewable in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome without issue.

CMS1500 Changes

For individuals using the CMS1500 form, the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC) released an update on their site that they would be moving to a new version of their form. You can read about that change here. We will be adding a new System Default option to allow your site to change to this new form at any time.

The options labeled (02/12) are the new versions.

Medications (In)Active

When editing the medications on the 485 and MAR form you can now deactivate a medication. This will provide better visibility to these records for the administrators. The printable forms will not be affected by this new change. Their presence on form will still continue to be governed by the DC date listed on the medications.

Notes spell check

We are updating our notes tool to include your browsers built in spell check. For individuals whose web browser supports it, this service this will automatically detected misspelled words and underlines them. The look and feel of the text editor has also been enhanced.