eRSP Update 12-12-2013

eRSP is pleased to announce new features to be added December 12th. We will be creating a new employee assignment acceptance activity report, enhancing the eRSP Security, Payroll, and Broadcast features. We are also taking the first steps towards the new Calendar 3.0 with updates to the Customer Plan.

Broadcast Two-way Messaging

eRSP will now enable employees who receive an open shift broadcast message via text or email to respond with a yes (Y) or no (N) response message. eRSP will automatically process the response and update the calendar accordingly. If the employee accepts the broadcast assignment, they will receive a confirmation message notifying them if they were awarded the shift. All message activity will be logged in the employee record and feed into the HR Assignment Activity Metrics report.

HR Assignment Activity Metrics

eRSP is rolling out a new feature to enable employee assignment acceptance tracking and reporting. Turning on this option in the System Defaults will enable further reason code definition to identify ‘Employee Caused’ assignment changes. New pop-ups will appear whenever removing an employee from an assignment to enable administrators to choose the reason an employee is being unassigned from a shift.

Once this new feature is enabled, you can edit the assignment reason codes under Setup > Definitions > General Definitions > Reasons. You will see a new option to tag the reason code as employee caused.

All of this information will be used to populate a new management HR Assignment Acceptance Activity report. The new report will evaluate the number of assignments worked versus non-worked and categorize and total them. Broadcast responses will also be included.

New Payroll Feature Options

To support the California payroll regulations, we have added the following new configuration options to our Payroll Feature.

  • Overtime for consecutive days worked – ability to set overtime pay after a specific number of days worked.
  • Double time for hours over _ hours in a day after _ consecutive days.
  • Including uplifted hours toward weekly overtime hour total.
  • Split Shift pay – Ability to compensate employees for working two shifts with more than an hour break between.

Split Shift pay, when activated, will determine if an employee is entitled to an additional hour shift pay for time between two shifts. If two shifts are separated by more than 1 hour, eRSP will calculate their Split Shift pay based on minimum wage (Setup > Payroll).

Customer Plan Changes – Calendar 3.0

As highlighted in the Pre-Announcement section below, eRSP is starting the Calendar 3.0 project which includes several new features that will be delivered over the next few months. The first step in Calendar 3.0 is removal of the “Save Plan” link on the Customer Plan. All changes to the Plan will be made live with each key stroke. Previously, edits made to the plan were made in a ‘bubble’ and were not applied until the “Save Plan” was clicked. This will no longer be the case.

Security Changes

Two new security features are being added to support agencies needing help with managing access.

  1. Added a Force password change on next login to the Security Access Manager. By checking this option, the next time this user logs in it will prompt them to change their password.
  2. Added an option to provide a Self-service password reset feature. Set this option to Yes to activate the reset feature.

    Setting this option to “Yes” will provide your login page a ‘Forgot Password’ link.

    Any user can use this to reset their password by clicking on the new Forgot Password link. The user will be presented a new display to submit a reset password request. They will receive an email (on file) to reset their password.
    NOTE: If the account does not have an email in eRSP the password will not reset. The office must be contacted to enter an email, or manually reset the password.