eRSP Features Pre-announcement

eRSP is also pleased to pre-announce some of the highlight new features planned for the coming months ahead.

Calendar 3.0

eRSP is planning several new feature updates to the eRSP Calendar. We are calling these changes the Calendar 3.0 project. The updates will be applied gradually over the coming months. Some of the highlighted features include applying a calendar visit change to all scheduled weeks and the Customer Plan in a single transaction step (eliminating duplicate update steps), a perpetual calendar (eliminating Calendar Build), a Calendar by Employee and Point to Point distance calculations.

Care Notes

The eRSP Care Notes feature is an advanced telephony feature that enables an agency to create a series of voice prompted questions to collect more detailed information about the visit while on-site. The information will be retained in the customer’s account record and used by eRSP analytics tools to provide trending reports and to initiate alerts for necessary actions in response to the customer’s condition. This feature is now in beta with select sites.

2-Way Messaging

With this next update, the eRSP Broadcast feature has been enhanced with the ability to respond to a SMS or Email message. eRSP plans to continue adding 2-Way communication features.

Electronic Patient Eligibility

For agencies providing skilled nursing, authorization services, eRSP will provide a fully integrated, electronic Patient Eligibility status feature. This feature is now in beta with select sites.

Electronic Remittance

Agencies providing services that are invoiced through Medicaid, VA, or Insurance Claims, eRSP will provide a fully integrated Electronic Remittance/Payments feature. This feature will include the ability to receive and process electronic payments reports and update your accounting software with invoice payment updates. The Payments module will enable balance due reporting at the date of service level.

Customizable Home Assessment

eRSP will provide the ability to add, maintain or drop assessment form questions. This will enable an agency to tailor the assessment form as needed for their services provided.