New Changes for HIPAA

We have received a number of requests to alter our various notification options in eRSP to be in compliance with the new HIPAA rules. We are aware of the need for a client’s name to be suppressed when sending a broadcast, schedule report, etc. and are currently working on a new option to remove that information.

Under Setup > System Defaults, we are adding a new setting in the Email Option section, which includes three choices:

  • Include the client’s full name (this is the default option)
  • Use the client’s first name only, and remove phone number
  • Do not include client name or phone number



This setting will affect all email and text message notifications sent from eRSP.

For our other sites that are not impacted by the HIPAA updates, your settings will remain the same. Once this change takes effect, each site will be able to set the option accordingly. This update will be included in our October release.