System update 8-28-2013

eRSP update coming August 28th will include mostly minor changes along with bug fixes. Check out the post below to stay up-to-date with new changes like transaction logs when schedules are emailed from reports, a multi-select option for activities, new fixed rate conversion for payroll, and broadcast message customizations.

Multi-select Activity Entry Update

The activities drop-down menu on the Employee Claim and Order Claim screens will be converted to a multi-select drop-down box. This will make it easier to add multiple activities to a shift at one time.

Note: Activities that are checked in the client’s profile will now appear with an asterisk (*) at the end of each Activity.

Fixed Rates for Payroll with Hourly Conversion

We are adding an additional payroll item configuration feature for Fixed Rate Payroll Items to enable automatically converting a fixed pay amount to hourly in the payroll build results. This is in response to state regulations that require a hourly breakdown of a flat rate shift. With this new feature you can still pay an employee 100 dollars but for a shift but eRSP will automatically convert the shift to the hourly rates and hours on the payroll output.

In this example, the fixed rate and shift will be converted to hourly shifts of 5 regular and 3 overtime shifts. eRSP will calculate the appropriate regular and overtime rates to achieve the same pay to the employee.

For calculating the amount per hour, the Rate Assistant link will provide sample breakdown of how much the employee will receive per hour based on the amounts entered in the image above.

Broadcast Message Update

A new message option is being added to the System Defaults to include or exclude a client’s name from a shift broadcast.

The option will default to Include customer names. If you wish to change this option you will need to log in using the ADMINX user ID.

New Job Express – Consumer Link Update

For sites using New Job Express AND using Consumers, we are modifying the way consumers are listed. To schedule an order with a consumer using New Job Express, that consumer must be linked with the Client. We are providing a Search and Link feature that will allow you to quickly find the consumer you wish to use and will also link that account with the client simultaneously. Any new consumers created on the fly will automatically be linked to the customer account.


Mileage Rounding Issue

Our developers are resolving a minor rounding issue with regards to mileage when rounding to the third decimal place. For example, if a mileage charge was $0.356 the amount was sometimes rounded up or down. Mileage charges should now mirror what appears in eRSP.

New Transaction Log Entries

New additions are being added to the Transaction Log for the following items:

  • Changing a pay rate on an order
  • Emailing schedules from Monthly or Weekly Schedules report. Each email sent will be logged individually.


New UB04 paper form options

The following box options have been added:

Box New Options
3a –Not Populated–
Patient Control No.
Patient Control No. & Date
14 –Not Populated–
9 – Information Not Available
15 –Not Populated–
1 – Physician Referral
9 – Information Not Available
76 –Not Populated–
Physician and NPI
Physician, NPI, 1G Qualifer, UPIN
77 –Not Populated–
Physician and NPI
78 –Not Populated–
Physician and NPI
79 –Not Populated–
Physician and NPI
80 –Not Populated–
Signature on File and Date
User, Biller


Client Information Report

The Client Information Report is being altered slightly to only show information from the Medical History and Supportive Devices sections if a response has been listed in the customer’s account.

Page breaks have also been added to this report.