System Update 7-17-2013

Assignment Substitution

A new tab will be added to the employee accounts called Assignments. This will be used to review where an employee has been scheduled and potentially make substitutions. This includes both orders and plans. We have designed this to make it easier to replace an employee who has called out for a time period.

By clicking on the magnifying glass icon, you can view the list or orders they are currently assigned to. If an employee calls out sick, you can use the Assignment Substitution button to find other employees to fill their shifts. In the example below, we are replacing an employee for 3 days.

Following the steps for replacement, you can choose a date range, a new employee, and click Evaluate Assignments. The assignments within the given range will appear in Step 3. Using the Mass Recommend conflict checking, the system will present conflicts and allow you to assign as needed. If you still have additional shifts to fill, simply choose a new employee from Step 2 and re-evaluate. These same steps can also be used to replace employees within plans if this is a long term assignment change.

Custom Emails for Email Assignments

You will be able to customize each email sent from the weekly schedule by account type. Make changes by logging in as the adminx user. You will find the new options under System Defaults > Assignment Emails.

There are three sections here that can be configured to your needs:

  • Caregiver
  • Customer
  • Customer contact(s)

To send emails from the calendar open any weekly schedule and click the Click to Maintain Order tab. This option is found under the Edit Visits and Assignments tab > Email Assignment(s) sub-tab.

Password Management by Account Type

A new option for password expiration is being added under the Password Options in Security. This allows you to apply password expirations to specific accounts.

The new setting allows you to set your Administrator and Employee passwords to expire, without forcing your clients to update their passwords.

State Codes for Military Personnel

Additional state location codes will be added to the State option for addresses in eRSP. The new codes include:

  • Military Personnel – America
  • Military Personnel – Europe
  • Military Personnel – Pacific

MAR Changes

We are redesigning the left side of the MAR form. These are designed to improve space and functionality. Below is a comparison of the old and new form layouts. Also ellipses (…) have been removed from this form.

Telephony Alerts by Administrator

A new telephony option is being added in System Defaults to toggle alerts to be by administrator only. If this is enabled, a single administrator could manage alerts for only those clients they are responsible for. This would dramatically reduce the number of alerts sent to administrators.

System Defaults

Customer Profile


  • If no administrator is selected for a customer, no alerts will go out. Therefore it is important to make sure all clients have an assigned administrator.
  • Both 1st and 2nd alerts will only go to the assigned administrator.