eRSP Affordable Care Act Reports 6-20-2013

Under the new Affordable Care Act, employers may be required to provide health care benefit to their full time and part time employees.  Mandatory participation and employee eligibility is based on the number of hours worked per employee.  Failure to participate could result in government penalty fines.

To help with your company’s analysis, eRSP has developed reports that will summarize the scheduled employee hours worked (Extracted) over the selected period to assist in assessing the company’s participation obligation and identify which employees are potentially eligible.

The eRSP reports are based on the assigned calendar hours processed by the eRSP Extract for the period of time selected.

  • Your company will need to manually add unscheduled employee hours to the eRSP results to make a complete participation assessment.

For companies required to participate, determining who is eligible to receive benefits is broken down into two categories.

  • On-going employees – Those who were employed on or before the first date of the Standard Measurement Period (SMP).
  • New Employees – Those who began employment during the SMP.

These reports can be found under Reports > Management > ACA Standard/ACA New. For more details regarding these reports, search key word “ACA” in the search help box in eRSP.