System Update 5-9-2013

eRSP is rolling out more changes. Below are the new updates to be released in early May. Please read ahead to prepare for upcoming changes. Most of these have come from the Suggestion Box so thanks again for your input!

Applicant pictures

Applicants are now receiving the same headers as the clients and employees. You can upload a photo of them on their profile tab and have it displayed at the top of their account.

Applicants and Prospects on notes report

Applicant and prospect notes have been added as options to the Notes report.

Sales Task report

A new Sales reporting tool is being added under Reports > Tasks > Sales. This report is designed to function as a worksheet for sales personnel. It contains a list of their tasks as well as contact information for each appointment. This can be passed out and used as a guide for daily tasks. The ability to include last completion note for the most recent review.

Forwarding eRSP Messages

The Message center will allow the ability to forward messages to another eRSP account(s).

Bug Fixes

Also in this update as with others, we will be applying bug fixes reported since the last release. The help desk will reach out to individuals who had an outstanding issue resolved.