System Update 3-27-2013

This Wednesday, March 27th, we will be updating eRSP. Read on to learn about what will be added.

Max Hours Report

eRSP now offers a new Max Hours report designed to manage all of your employees time for a given month (broken down by week). Found under Reports > Employees > Max Hours. This will compare the max hours setting for each employee with the hours they have scheduled or worked on the calendar.

Customer Custom Pricing Report

Found under Reports > Customers > Custom Pricing, a new report has been added allowing users to review all of their clients custom pricing settings.

Multiple Class Invoicing

A new option to select multiple classes when generating an invoice file from eRSP. Now the ‘Select Class’ options when creating invoices is a multi-select option.

This will allow you to generate one invoice file with more than one class, rather than multiple invoice files.

Prior Invoice Adjustments (Updated)

As mentioned in the last system update blog post, you can edit line items on a pending invoice. We have added an additional feature allowing users to mass update line items of the same service. A new ‘apply to multiple’ check box has been added to the end of the row being edited.

Upon updating a line item, with this box checked a pop-up message will appear asking which other line items need to be updated as well. Line items sharing the same service code will be pre-selected for updating.

Scheduling Improvements

With the release we are also fixing scheduling issues related to employee skills. We have enhanced the skill/service code assignment to limit employees lacking the required skill from being assigned to a shift they are not eligible. Now pop-up warnings will inform you when an employee does not have the required skill needed to perform for the visit.


eRSP attachments now support the latest file types for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDFs. Here is a list of the file types, respectively, that have been added:

  • .docx
  • .xlsx
  • .pptx
  • .pdfx

Update to Referrer Data Report

The first and last name will now appear in two separate columns on the Excel output. This has been a struggle for most people who use this report trying to create mailing labels and other tasks using Excel.