Becoming an eRSP Power User

Think you’re an eRSP power user? Want to become one? Check out this list we have compiled to see if you’re maximizing your effort using features and shortcuts.

Keyboard Shortcuts

If you read no further than this topic, this single tip should be enough to change your online experience. These shortcuts are not specific to eRSP. In fact, they can be used on any website and most computer programs. First up is the most important, the Find function.

Control + F or Ctrl + F

Pressing the Control key and the F key together will activate your web browser’s search feature. This will scan the entire page you are looking at for the words, numbers, or symbols you type in the search box. It will highlight the instances of your search and allow you to jump through the page to each occurrence.

The next two go hand-in-hand. They are the Copy and Paste functions:
Control + C or Ctrl + C
Control + V or Ctrl + V

Control and C together will copy highlighted information and Control and V will paste it. This can be very useful in moving information from place to place without the hassle and potential for typos.

Note: If you are using a Mac, you may replace Control/Ctrl with the Command key to utilize these shortcuts.


Now onto eRSP specific features.

Search Help (and more!)

The Search Help does exactly what you’d think – it searches help articles. But what most people don’t know is that you can also search for Customer, Prospect, Employee, and Applicant accounts. Doing so will provide a list of names that match your search criteria along with the account type. Clicking the name will instantly take you to their profile page, saving you the time of searching for them.

Other helpful searches:

  • “Training” – will return our training series videos. These are designed to walk viewers through general areas of the system.
  • “Financials” – Returns the Financials Check List. This document is a full step-by-step walkthrough of billing and payroll, from checking claims to importing into QuickBooks.



Mass Recommend

Mass recommend is a robust option in the scheduling tool box. It will allow you to compare an employee’s availability with an open shift on a schedule. You can quickly mass assign employees to assignments with confidence by simply choosing the skill and individual you wish to place. If there are any conflicts it will let you know and give you the option to skip or continue with the assignments.

This option is available on both the plan and the calendar and can reduce your scheduling time.

Edit Visits and Assignments

Also in the plan and calendar, is the Edit Visits and Assignments tab. This provides the ability to make mass changes to the schedule with ease. Simply check the visits you want to update and choose the times or employee and update. You can update every visit for the week at once on this tab.

Broadcast Assignments

When working on the calendar, you can Broadcast unassigned shifts to your caregivers. Instead of calling a list of potential employees, you can broadcast directly to their phone, email, and eRSP log in. They can respond through the website or contact the office. Notifications on your home page will let you know if there is an outstanding broadcast or which ones have been recently responded to.


Financial Tips

Edit invoices

You can edit invoices before they are generated. When on the ‘Create Invoices’ tab you can select a client’s name in blue on the left. In the upper right corner you will see the ‘Edit invoice’ option. This will allow you to change amounts and durations. You can even add expenses here if needed. Something missed in claiming can potentially be adjusted here if needed.


Search invoices

You can also search generated invoices. Under Financials > Invoicing in the upper right there is a search option. This will allow you to return invoice per customer, payer, or by date range

Payroll preview edits

Many may already know this, but before you run payroll in eRSP you can preview the information before you actually run the data. More importantly, you can also edit overtime eligibility, amounts, rate types, and payroll items. This allows you to catch errors that may have been overlooked earlier in the process.


Maximizing Your Support Call Experience

If you do need to call for support, here is a list of items that greatly improve the support teams’ ability to resolve questions and can even improve response time.

Helpful information to include:

Site address – The first part of website address that comes before the Your site address would be Test123. This allows the support team to accurately identify which website you are calling about.


Region – Some site are using multiple regions, if you are please include this in your message as well.

Web browser – The application you are using to access the internet. Different browsers can behave differently and we need to determine if it is specific to one or just a general issue.

Examples: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome

Specific goal/issue – A short description of what you are experiencing or what you are trying to accomplish. Often times knowing what you are trying to achieve will help the support team offer you the best way to complete your task.

Contact info – Best number or email to reach you.

Where – Where in the system were you when you experienced a problem or had a question. This helps the support member navigate to where you are before they call. The more specifics the better! Order and invoice numbers are extremely helpful to us.

Example 1: if you have a scheduling question, please provide the order number (left side of schedule) and visit information (caregiver or time).

Example 2: If you need a reversal for invoicing or payroll providing the Build numbers will help us reverse the file faster. These are found on the first tab of either invoicing or payroll sections.

Screenshots – if you are emailing, taking a screenshot and pasting it in the email is of great help to us. A picture is worth a thousand words. You can take a screenshot by pressing the Print Screen (Prt Scr) button on your keyboard usually located above your arrow keys. The Print Screen button will copy the image allowing you to paste (Ctrl V) it into your email.