System Update 2-20-2013

As February progresses, we are finalizing another release with more new features. This will include improvements to current functionality as well as a few new items. We will also be applying bug fixes at this time. We hope the addition of these features will improve your experience with eRSP. Below is a summary of all of the changes to be made.

Max Hours Alert Conflict

Kaleida Systems has provided the option to upgrade the employee ‘max hours’ warning from a simple warning to a calendar level conflict warning.  A conflict is a message that will appear on the calendar when you are attempting to assign an employee to a visit that would exceed their maximum hours for the week. As a reminder, max hours are defined in each employee’s profile. The option to activate this will be found in System Defaults as pictured below (green).

In addition to the change to the max hours warning, we are also adding the ability to calculate hours across regions for companies who have employees working in multiple locations. Currently, all sites calculate max hours per region. The new setting allows a better total of ‘max hours’ for sites who share employees. This option is also in System Defaults as pictured above (orange).

Example of Hours Conflict

***Updated 2/19***

The employee tab in the ‘Click To Maintain’ tab on the calendar has a new feature. Shifts from the last day on the previous week will show on their weekly schedule, providing visibility to hours from the previous week that might be influencing their weekly max.

Note: There has been a change in the way max hours are calculated. They will now take into account ‘assigned’ AND ‘claimed’ hours. Previously only assigned hours were taken included. This will provide a more accurate representation of hours worked.

Visit Notes

A new option to apply visit notes to multiple visits simultaneously has been added to the Customer Plan. Users can now apply visit notes to multiple selected visits at once.

Excel Report Options

We have also added the option to run the Expenses report in Excel, found under Reports > Hours.

Customer Info Report Filters

Additional filters will be added to the Customer Information report. The ability to filter clients returned by Administrator, Class, and Tags will allow this report to display a specific set of customers at once.

Authorization by Visits

We are also upgrading our authorization conflict analysis to include the number of visits scheduled/worked in validating whether new visits can be scheduled. This will be per week and/or total authorized visits.

This new conflict will be in addition to the existing Maximum Authorization hours.  This way, when creating a new plan (or updating existing) the client can have flexibility in setting up max hours, max visits, or both. Below are some examples of the conflicts you might see.

Prior Invoice Adjustments (non-Medicaid/insurance)

A perhaps little known feature of our Invoicing module is the ability to edit the amount per line item before generating an invoice build in eRSP. We are now adding the ability to add expenses in this location as well. To navigate to the edit invoice section you will need to follow the steps below:

  1. Financials > Invoicing > Create Invoices
  2. Click Customer name in left hand column
  3. Click the ‘Edit Invoice’ link in the upper-right corner

To add an expense or edit a line item, click the ‘Edit’ button on the right. Then use the tools pictured below to edit/or add an expense.

Notes: Expenses can be negative, but the invoice total cannot. Expenses can be deleted if necessary.